Are you looking for affordable software for your metal recycling business or scrap yard?

This website was made to point you in the right direction. Explore your options before choosing software that will manage your business. Currently, the most-up-to-date and lowest cost software on the market is Nexus. Nexus has free 24/hour support, no update fees, no maintenence fees, and costs 1/4 less than competitors.

Nexus has been featured in Recycling Today magazine, Scrap magazine, Waste Advantage Magazine, SDB Magazine and the ISRI newsletter due to its low cost, ease of use, reliability and performance, and is often featured outlining its industry breakthroughs and innovations.

Nexus is compatible with any scale, any printer, any scanner and is compliant with almost every states legislature regarding recordkeeping.

The problem with recycling software:

Most recycling center software costs around $40,000.00 and requires you to purchase multiple expensive add-ons to achieve your businesses needs. The update and maintenence fees alone with some of these programs can be $1,000.00 or more PER MONTH.

Most software packages do not support CRV for California recyclers, Nexus is 100% California compliant with CRV and can even create DR6 forms instantly!

The Solution:

Nexus Recycling Management System. Nexus is 1/4 of the cost of other software on the market, yet it has been built on the latest Microsoft technologies and has unrivaled compatibility. We do not charge any maintenence or update fees and offer our customers free 24 hour support.

For more information regarding Nexus, click the link below to visit the product website.

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